Boat Illustration for Savage Interactive

Amir zand boat
Amir zand artstationredriver

Color Version

I've been working on couple of promotional illustrations for Savage Interactive's Awesome Procreate app , The goal was to use Procreate on iPad to make that same level of polish and mastery of colors that I'm creating with photoshop.

This is the very first entry and I must admit it was challenging at beginning, but its get so much easier after a few hours! the possibility of this app is just insane, you can almost do anything! in fact I'm using my iPad Pro more and more after this! Its really amazing and I can't wait to drop all the illustrations, I just have to wait for the company to put them up so till then, this is the first one. This image is created entirely on Procreate 4.1 app using a first generation iPadPro.

Grab your Procreate app today, You'll Love it