/ INFINITE / HALO Fan Poster

This one is not official, It’s a Tribute to the team back at 343 in appreciation of what they accomplished with Infinite, It truly bring back all the good memories, sounds and tones From classic Halo, It’s a work of art, hats off to the art team and the amazing thoughtful art direction. This work been in my drive for more than 6 months, Initially I was waiting to release it with the launch of Infinite, but I was busy to finish it, Now since I put some Art from Halo Encyclopedia, I thought its nice to go back and share this Fan-poster too.
I’m usually not the type of artist who do fanart, I basically did maybe 6-7 fanart overal which 5 of them are for Halo! Cause I love Halo. Hope you guys enjoy this as well

Here are some links to Official Halo Art I did for Encyclopedia: